1. DylanMadigan

    Regulation Terminology Clarification: Land Station Antenna vs Base/Control Station

    I am building a repeater at my fathers hose. Would this be considered a Land Station (in which the height is 20-200ft) or a Base/Control station (where it is limited to 20ft above the structure its mounted to). OR, am I even understanding this the right way lol. I am fairly new to this, and I am...
  2. kc8mln

    Is use of narrowband allowed in GMRS or only wide-band

    Ok, I now know that the narrowband requirement does NOT apply to GMRS,...BUT, what I'm asking here is: Q: Is the use of narrowband ALLOWED in the GMRS service, or is ONLY wide-band allowed for use in GMRS? (ie, can I use a radio that is on a GMRS frequency and set for narrowband TX/RX on that...