1. K7MFC

    NMO antenna mount installtion on aluminum F-150

    I'm looking for some instruction and guidance on installing an NMO mount on the roof of my 2019 Ford F-150. I have experience drilling through body panels and mounting antennas, but I'm not sure how the aluminum body affects the installation. I've read some threads here about aluminum Ford...
  2. GTR8000

    Help me ID this old Yagi

    Recently acquired this old UHF Yagi, which is pretty generic looking. I'd like to maybe figure out who manufactured it, and if there was a model # for it. I haven't swept it yet, so I'm not even sure what frequency it's resonant on. Anyway, here are a few photos of it. The mounting plate on...
  3. Eastie

    Scanning in an aluminum sided house

    Hi RR members, I am wondering if the aluminum siding of my house is affecting the range of my scanner... Is there anything I can do to get more reception without sticking an antenna out the window or mounting one? Are there any indoor antennas that may help with my problem? I'd like to just...