amateur ham radio

  1. Motorola XTS2500 UHF (380-477Mhz) MI P25 9600 BAUD Smart Zone

    Motorola XTS2500 UHF (380-477Mhz) MI P25 9600 BAUD Smart Zone

  2. KI5FKE

    KI5FKE's First Base Station

    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and is safe during this pandemic. On another lighter note, recently, I invested in my first base station. It's not one of the top brands, but I think it will serve the purpose. This was purchased as a kit from Buy Two Way Radios (Ham Radio Starter Kit -...
  3. R

    Anytone Anytone 878 display screen

    I have bought two 878 radios for DMR 70cm use, through two different vendors. The issue I’m having with this radio is the screen is slightly raised to the left. It is not raised enough to cover any texts or cut off any words. I’m particular enough about my electronics, that I notice it very...
  4. w2xq

    32nd Winter SWL Fest Feb 28-Mar 2, near Philadelphia

    "The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio hobbyists of all stripes, from DC to daylight. Every year scores of hobbyists descend on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs for a weekend of camaraderie. The Fest is sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association, but it covers much...
  5. willstuder

    Digital Trunking Scanner / Dual Band Radio

    Am I the only one who thinks that a dual band (VHF/UHV) handheld combined with a digital trunking scanner like the BCD436HP would be the best invention ever??? I would pay upwards of $800 to $1000 for something with these features and I know it's not out of reach. I was recently looking at the...
  6. J

    GSM / WCDMA IP network two way radio

    Hello, friend, Good day. Have you operated the two way radio with below functions? 1: Working: connected by 2G GSM / 3G WCDMA / WiFi network, Data cost is controllable, by setting TOT, talking rank, setting group etc. 2: Talking all over the world, operation easily and quickly. 3: No...
  7. wa8iqo

    Transmitter Output Restrictions In Florida

    Hello everyone. I moved to Central Florida last year. Just recently I read somewhere that Amature Radio Operators were limited to a transmission output power of no more then 50 watts within any geographical boundaries of Florida. The reason being is due to Florida having an over abundance of...
  8. B

    Now Available BridgeCom Systems BCM-220 Mobile Radio

    May 6, 2016 BridgeCom Systems, Inc Phone: (816)532-8451 E-Mail: Contact: Tim King Press Release: NEW BCM-220 Mobile Radio Now Shipping ______________________________________________________________________________ BridgeCom Systems, Inc is pleased to announce the...