1. N8RDF

    mbelib Opensky AMBE decode using Dv Dongle?

    Sorry if this was covered elsewhere, but if mbelib captures Opensky packets, and the DV Dongle (with AMBE vocoder) hardware and software is fully documented and available, couldn't mbelib use the DV Dongle to decode/monitor Opensky? Wouldn't this also solve the "patent issue" with the mbelib...
  2. C

    Fire Dept Tests P25 Radios

    Prior to January 1, 2013, emergency service departments nationwide will need to comply with the new FCC narrowband guidelines. On February 24, 2010 the Maple Bluff Fire Department (MBFD) in Dane County WI performed an unbiased and impartial radio test. They compared the sound quality of the...