1. gr8tff

    SDS200 Bad Audio Quality when attached to speaker amp

    Folks, I was testing the SDS200 in place of our 996p2's attached to the station alerting system at our stations. When attaching it to the amp, the normally good audio quality from the SDS200 sounds muffled and not good at all compared to the older scanners or a Unication. Does anyone have any...
  2. WA4HHG

    Splitter/Amplifiers, Part Deux

    Have seen question and discussions which begin as questions about splitters and eventually evolve into discussions about pre-amps. Multi-port CATV amplifier's have been discussed, these can also perform the function of a splitter. They are extremely wide band and some are 1 antenna input, with...
  3. C

    New Mosquito Mobile Linear

    Today I picked up a new mosquito linear amplifier for $5 from a local. It is made by cte industries. Anybody know anything about this thing...I cant find much on the internet. Thanks
  4. D

    NEW CBer Cobra 29 nw wx st w/ little wil modding questions

    hi guys im newer to cb i have had 2 for years used them but never knew why i wasnt getting any rx then i got out for a while till i started looking around on the net, anyways i have a uniden pc68ltw and a cobra 25 nw ltd that i am selling because i just got a cobra 29 nw wx st and i am possibly...