amplified charger

  1. rvacs

    G4/G4 Amplified Charger - Overcharge / Reception Probs - thoughts?

    So I got the Amplified Charger for the G4/G5. Sound is awesome...noticed I have to dock it off and turn it on in the base to get speaker to big deal. Questions: # 1 Also - is it bad to sit in the base...(by my bed) if it is already charged. Is it smart to not over charge? Is it...
  2. ka9rxk

    Need VHF antenna for Minitor II amplified charger

    Hello, I just picked up a Minitor II VHF pager along with the desktop amplified charger. I am in need of the VHF antenna for it. The Motorola part number is: NAD6310A. A quick "google" search does not return any results for this part number. Thanks for any help! -Don KA9RXK