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  1. Unication G5 - VHF - Amplified Charger

    Unication G5 - VHF - Amplified Charger

    Good afternoon, I have a Unication G5 with the VHF band (136-174 MHz)(700-800 MHz) along with the amplified base for sale. The pager is in very good condition, but there is a scratch on the screen in the upper right hand corner. It is visible in the photos. The pager currently has a screen...
  2. M

    Unication Amplified Charger Alarm Device 6 Pin Port

    Ok, so I have a amplified charger for my G5, and have it wired to active a light/alarm for 10sec when toned out. It activates just fine but for some reason it wont shut off. it seems to me that the relay dry contact in the charger is not releasing/shutting off. I wish they would have some sort...
  3. F

    G5 sub-band (UHF) loses reception/increased interference in amplified charger

    Curious if anyone is having reception issues with the amplified charger, specifically with the G5 secondary band (in my instance, UHF 450-512). I purchased the amplified charger when I learned the external antenna connection also works on the secondary (UHF) band, as well as Unication...
  4. rvacs

    G4/G4 Amplified Charger - Overcharge / Reception Probs - thoughts?

    So I got the Amplified Charger for the G4/G5. Sound is awesome...noticed I have to dock it off and turn it on in the base to get speaker to big deal. Questions: # 1 Also - is it bad to sit in the base...(by my bed) if it is already charged. Is it smart to not over charge? Is it...
  5. ka9rxk

    Need VHF antenna for Minitor II amplified charger

    Hello, I just picked up a Minitor II VHF pager along with the desktop amplified charger. I am in need of the VHF antenna for it. The Motorola part number is: NAD6310A. A quick "google" search does not return any results for this part number. Thanks for any help! -Don KA9RXK