1. Maxagonzales

    Rural Metro / AMR tone search Pima County (Tucson)

    Hello all! TL:dr need help setting up tones on my BCD436HP scanner, but impatient to search for tones or they are the wrong tones. Live in Tucson and around the PCWIN network and I would like to know what the tones for AMR EMS Transport for Paramedic 838 and paramedic 830, there dispatched...
  2. J

    Harlan county AMR/ Lifegaurd ems

    Has anyone successfully got clear traffic for AMRs dmr system in Harlan county every Now and then I get bits and pieces and idk if I’ve done something wrong or what?
  3. G

    Baofeng UV5Ra progaming for EMS

    Hello, I work for American Medical Response in New Haven CT. My company does not provide portable radios that work on the company frequency so myself and a few other employees purchased these radios so that we would be able to have contact with our dispatchers when we are away from the truck. My...
  4. kearthfan101

    AMR LA County UHF frequencies

    So I think the forums have basically covered the deal with AMR and low band in Los Angeles County. But what about UHF? I can confirm the use of Green 1 & 2 in the AV & Santa Clarita, but I need some assistance in finding out if the other UHF channels are still active. Santa Clarita 460.55, 100...
  5. NFR85

    Nashua AMR Freq

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. AMR will be taking over Rockingham Ambulance and Nashua Fire Alarm dispatches out Rockingham. I'm not sure if they will be doing the same for AMR for Nashua. If they don't can anyone tell me what frequency they may use? Thank You
  6. Boscobear2005

    AMR Contra Costa County

    Does anybody know what freq. AMR moved to? They were on 935.6875 but I no longer can find them. Thanks for any info. Bruce
  7. Stavro35

    Tri med ambulance?

    This weekend I happen to notice a Tri med ambulance parked here in the Winslow area of Bainbridge island. As it turns out they were grabbing a bite to eat at a near by pizza place. I didn't want to bother them with questions. Mainly because they just grabbed their meals, and went back to their...