1. 1977addis

    Railroad radio repeater networks QUESTION

    I have a question regarding listening to train crews from afar. So I’ve been a railfan for years now, I have good commercial/ ham gear to listen and I understand that dispatchers talk to the crews on the rails via Microwave but I’ve always wondered why I can’t hear the train crews from long...
  2. Bruce42

    AMTRAK High Speed Wireless

    Does anyone have a reference where one could learn more about this new system? If it doesn't use cellular networks what band is it operating in to communicate with passenger's phones and laptops? The publicity claims it will be SIX times faster than the previous cellular connection. Perhaps...
  3. M

    Amtrak Train Hit Farm Equipment - Savoy, IL - Champaign Co.

    Occurred about 15 minutes ago along route 45 in Savoy. Extricaiton of the equipment operator in progress, Couple of minor injuries on the train but so far all are refusals. Air Life enroute. Champaign County Police and Fire Live Audio Feed
  4. R

    TriMet bus/LIFT/MAX/Streetcar feed available

    Check out TriMet scanner stream Using the right software (RealPlayer and WinAmp are known to work), metadata showing current channel and (except for the bus transmissions, which are conventional) radio # is viewable. I do not host it, however I do manage it on behalf of Al of RANTINGS OF A...