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    Any programmers of handhelds in Anchorage?

    I have a two channel Motorola Handled HT1000 radio that I would like to be programmed to scan local agencies.
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    Anchorage Tac3 Tac4 not recieving

    Hello, does anyone know of the current project 25 system in Anchorage is encrypted? Has anyone been able to obtain the tac3 and tac4 chatter? I am only able to get the initial call out on old system.
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    Anchorage AFD tac channels seem to have changed or frequencies

    Hello everyone, I am used to getting all of the Tac3 and Tac4 for the fire department chatter and as of about 3 weeks ago I am no longer getting any call outs on these. Does anyone know if the system has been updated or the frequencies have changed to another system. I still get Tac7 info but...
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    Anchorage - MNA748 ???

    Ever notice the CW ID that transmits so frequently on the Anchorage PD? It sends MNA748. What does this stand for? (Tactical ID? Clearly not an FCC issued ID. Any ideas? An acronym for something?)