1. T

    Kids doing test counts on HF-GCS, 22 March, 2019

    The HF-GCS (High Frequency Global Communications System) is an integral part of US military readiness. For those unfamiliar, this is a US Air Force maintained global communications network consisting of multiple transmitters at multiple transmitter sites around the world. Although the USAF...
  2. BoboPinky

    Sony Pictures Studios Culver City - Andrews International Security

    I'm looking (I've looked several times, maybe not hard enough or in the right place?) for frequencies etc. that Sony Pictures (SPE) / Andrews International uses at their Culver City, CA location(s). My wife works for Sony in the SPE (the brown / glass / "high rise") building. I'm there often...
  3. rfsparkz

    11.175 Mhz

    Very many messages being sent right now from Andrews Air Force base on 11.175 Mhz USB .