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    TYT Th-F8 ANI Setup

    Hello All Does anyone have any experience setting up the ANI on this radio? I have followed the manual, but there is no glory. Also, the only characters I am able to enter are numbers, no letters. I have the 2tone/5tone version Thanks Jerry
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    ANI Code

    Hello All, I have a Baofeng UV-82L. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to get the ANI code to display on receiving radios. Does the UV-82L have the ability to always transmit the ANI code and have it displayed on a receiving radio that is capable of displaying the ANI code? I'm...
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    Some of my local fire companies have a fleetsync sounding ANI at the beginning of their transmission. Most of the time, it is a command vehicle, portable, or deputy chief that has this. Attached a sample of what I mean. If someone could please tell me what this is, it would be greatly...
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    Midian ANI-F on Motorola P100

    I recently bought a pair of Motorola P100 radios on eBay, and found that they didn't have MDC-1200 like I would have liked. So I did research and came across the Midian ANI-F multi-format encoder chip. For $80 it's a good deal considering it encodes all ANIs available. Before I purchase it, does...
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    I have searched for almost 30 minutes and found hardly anything on this subject. Could someone please explain to me how 2-code works? How would a system with say 3 radios be set up so that each radio could transmit in a unique fashion? Also would 2-code be considered a form of ANI or am I...