1. Viking1

    AOR AR-2500

    Receiver works, backlight is out, readable as long as you're not in the dark. Should be easy to replace the bulbs. Make a fair offer or a trade? Price is shipped.
  2. For Sale: Various Receivers

    For Sale: Various Receivers

    I have several wideband receivers for sale: AOR AR-7000: $600 or best offer. Comes with manual, but no power supply. Ten-Tec RX-350: $425 or best offer. No manual. Has a short in the display backlight circuit, causing the backlight to randomly turn on and off, but it does not effect the...
  3. AOR AR8200 MKII - Nice condition

    AOR AR8200 MKII - Nice condition

    I’m selling my AOR AR8200 MKII, euro model with full coverage. Also included is the AOR leather cover for it (a $60 AOR accessory). The metal whip is also a newly replaced stock AOR metal whip as the original had a slight bend and I’m picky. Those are expensive as well. If you’re looking at...
  4. zenno

    AOR AR2000 Fault

    Hello folks. I have a problem with this AOR AR2000 radio scanner. When I turn it on the audio is fine for around 8 minutes, then it causes a buzzing sound and then cannot receive any audio at all. When I turn the radio off and straight back on it works fine again for 8 minutes and fails again...
  5. F

    AR8200 Mk III Battery Power Fix

    My AR8200 stopped working from the AA batteries and would only work with external power. It turns out to be a rather disappointing design issue for an $800 receiver but at least the fix is fairly easy. Carefully taking it apart requires removing several VERY tiny screws including the screw on...
  6. F

    AR-8200 Mk3 Service Manual?

    Does anyone know where I can find an online service manual for the AR-8200 Mk3? Mine has developed what's likely a simple problem but I'm not willing to dive blindly into a relatively expensive radio. I'm also curious if anyone has experience returning their AOR radios to AOR for repair?
  7. J

    AR-One Problems

    Hi I am new at posting but have read tons of information on this site. I acquired an AR-One receiver and I'm not sure if I accidently pressed the wrong button or what. I treat it with respect as its cost is outrageous. Anyways, I cannot get anything out of the speaker but when you go to change...
  8. J

    Ft Hood Comms

    I'm in the Whitney area and focus my monitering interest on SWdx, CivAir, MilAir and Utility. I have been trying for Ft Hood comms and have not been successful yet. I am on a high cliff on the shore of Lake Whitney. This location gives me good elevation with minimal obstruction. I am using...

    Aor digital upgrade, options and satisfaction

    I just replaced a power board on my AOR 8200 MKIII and to my surprise found out I cant upgrade to digital unless I replace the CPU. The upgrade is 299.00 the CPU exchange add on 85.00 Here is my questions; 1) has anyone upgraded to digital, APCO25, and are you happy with what you now have...
  10. T

    My brand new AOR 3600 MII

    Hello everyone.. I have just brought a brand new shiny 3600 and I need help to answering the following: I live on a top floor apartment and I am not allowed to put my attenna on the roof! I have access to the loft but what sort or attenna would I need to go up there? At the moment I am using a...
  11. sandyrb

    Three scanners to choose from ... which would you recommend?

    Hi folks. I'm planning on buying a scanner as I have been without one for a few years. I used to have an AOR 8200 Mk1 which I loved using. Currently I have three models on my 'radar'; the Alinco DJ-X2000, the Icom IC-R20 and, if I don't feel too guilty about spending the extra cash, the...
  12. T

    optional boards for ar8200

    I'm looking for feedback on the optional boards for the ar8200 mk3. Specifically, Im cosidering purchasing the voice inverter, tone eliminator, and or the CTCSS chip. Id like to hear about experiences with these add-ons. Do they work well? If you use more than 1, which do you get the most use from?