1. J

    Best 2M Antenna for Apartment Patio

    I live in an apartment building in the suburbs of NYC. I am looking for an easy antenna solution. Naturally, it needs to be low-profile. The patio has a metal rail, probably aluminum. Naturally the building would have something to say with a bog antenna mounted to it. I am not one to build my...
  2. Tandom

    Will 25w Fry My Brain?

    First Post Ever! (Please excuse me if this is in the wrong place) Finally received my GMRS call sign. With that, a nice 25w Lexien VV-898BP radio with the included Nagoya NL-R2 15" dual band antenna. Thing works like a charm on Simplex. From my apartment in Vernon, CT, there is only one...
  3. F

    Indoor Fan Dipole

    I am trying to build a multiband antenna for medium and shortwave listening. I will not be transmitting with this antenna. I found a website and tried to follow the design, except for indoors rather than outside. I live in an apartment. As I have limited space, I thought that I could bend the...
  4. T

    Apartment Dweller - Scanner Antenna Solutions?

    Hello all, I am in the Metro Boston area and am in need of opinions/advice regarding scanner antenna solutions for an apartment dweller. The Set Up - I am on the third floor of a 4-story brick and steel apartment building and face east. The "listening post" is in a livingroom that has a 10'x7'...
  5. T

    SWAT situation Virginia Beach

    If you listen on 5th precinct TAC you'll hear the action. Apparently, SWAT has eyes on an apartment in a complex at Wildwood and First Colonial. Every now and again, they go to TAC 2 of Precinct 2. Helo is airborn helping with traffic. If you are in the area, stay away.