1. Updated Pro-668 with loaded SD card.

    Updated Pro-668 with loaded SD card.

    This is a hardly used Pro-886. Comes with pre-loaded 4gb micro sd card. Works great but just bought a Home Patrol 2 and no longer needing it. Also have a fully upgraded BCT-15 (not the x version) for sale as well. Will answer any questions and ship anywhere. Shipping will be quoted to you...
  2. M

    situation actuelle

    Salutation, Je vois beaucoup de discussion sur le p25, renir etc... et plusieurs vieux sujet. Donc en ce 2016 (Mars) quel est la situation pour scanning au quebec disons pour la SQ. Des utilisateurs du hackrf avec sdr dsd etc? Apres les prob dy spvm avec crypto , et qc qui admet que renir...
  3. G

    Help! Pro-96 & Washtenaw County Programming

    Help needed for a Newbie! For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get my Pro-96 scanner reprogrammed to receive Washtenaw County within the new MSPSC system. Here is what I have done: purchased Win96 software, signed up as a premium member to access the Radio Reference database, logged...
  4. K1EDH

    Programming Trunked Systems

    I want to program these freguecie into my PRO-106, (Massachusetts State Police Trunking System, Statewide, Massachusetts - Scanner Frequencies), I am using the editor found on this website as a trial, and plan to buy it. Can someone please help me and telling me which one I should use. he web...
  5. jpunix

    A Digital Pro-107?

    It seems to me that the Pro-107 is almost entirely software driven. RR database, control software, and firmware are all upgradable. So what's to say that DSP funtionality can't be added as a future firmware upgrade? Can APCO-25 and other digital mechanisms be supported with a firmware upgrade or...
  6. W

    Product recommendation help

    It has been a long time since I was involved in scanning and I am looking to get back into it. My old scanner does not handle APCO-25 so I know I need to replace it as all of the cities, military, police, agencies, etc in my area have converted over. I have been programming computers for...
  7. S

    Glastonbury police help

    I need a scanner that can pick up Glastonbury police. can anybody pick up the police after they went to P25?