1. marksroberson

    APT Image Problem

    I Have tried to receive the NOAA APT satellites on the 136-137 MHz range but i can never see the picture (its attached) i use MultiPSK and use a TYT TH-9800 Quad band radio can anyone help!
  2. marksroberson

    137 MHZ NOAA satellite antenna ideas?

    I want to get into "APT" viewing on the 136-137 MHz range due to my intrist in the HF weather satellite frequencies, however, many pictures I decode on HF are charts, or other non-satellite picture, but I did recieve a satellite picture at 8:00 PM 1/26/2015 on a frequency I have stored...
  3. blantonl

    Decoding NOAA APT Weather Images - A quick how to guide

    I wrote a blog post today on decoding NOAA APT Weather Satellite Photos: http://radioreference.blogspot.com/ Enjoy! Lindsay