1. TJX400

    Command Center/Dispatch Console Build

    I recently bought a new desk for my radio room to replace the previous countertop & drawers. When I was searching for the new desk, I had some requirements in mind... I needed it to be sit/stand, L shaped or wraparound, and be humongous enough to fit my monitors, radios, both PCs and...
  2. K2NEC

    APX APX8000XE too good to be true?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorola-APX8000XE-NEW-OUT-OF-BOX-WITH-TAGS/352986646484?hash=item522fa4c7d4:i:352986646484 A "new" APX8000XE for less than the cost of a coffee? Does this have red flags for anyone else? According to the description the buy it now price is $3000 which is still rather...
  3. T

    APX QCII programming issue(s)

    Good morning all. I am having trouble with getting an APX8000XE to actually alert in a QCII mode selected channel. The radio display gets brighter when a tone set is decoded, but no actual alert tone. I know I am missing something simple. I have been able to keep up fairly well with most...
  4. T

    User List for Motorola APX XE series radios

    Hi - I'd like to get some help from the folks on this site. I'm trying to figure out a good way to compile a list of P25 systems that have chosen the Motorola APX XE radios as their portables. If anyone know of an existing list, please let me know! The specific portables that I'm interested...