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    ARC500: How to set a trunk system to talkgroup search or wildcard mode?

    On the ARC 500 program, how do you set a trunk system to search all talkgroups, including talkgroups not identified in the Talkgroup object list? I'd like to set up a trunk system to stop on all activity, including new, unidentified talkgroups. Is this possible? I have done some searching in...
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    ARC 500 Help Wanted

    I am using the ARC 500 software with a RS Pro 106 scanner and need to paste talkgroup data into an existing Trunked Radio System file. I want to add numerous talkgroups without having to completely re-load the entire TRS data from, but am having trouble doing so. How do I load...
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    Pro 106 ???

    Can you program 700 channels with the P25 in the same scan list with talk groups that are with LWIN? If so, do the talk groups have to be first in that scan list? I have been able to locate 2 talk groups ( 5300, 5301), and have located several 700 channels through signal stalker. Since loading...