1. connah

    FTDI Cable for Pro-106 Not Working with Arc500Pro

    Hi all. I have seen others with this problem but haven't found anyone who resolved it yet. I purchased the FTDI cable (from here Radio Shack Scanner FTDI Programming PRO-106 PRO-197 PRO-651 PRO-652 20-546 500) for use with my Pro-106 in Arc500Pro. The latest FTDI drivers (the VCP ones) installed...
  2. K

    arc500pro stops writing audio files

    Does anyone know what might be causing my ARC500PRO software to stop writing the audio files to disk? The DELL XPS running Windows 8.1 continues to feed the audio through the speakers and the software continues to make a new folder for each passing hour but the folders are empty. It might...
  3. M

    ARC500 pro197 - where are "SRCH L/Outs:" ?

    After downloading everything from my pro197 into the arc500pro software, i can't find where the list of search lockout frequencies (from the global settings) are. I have some ranges of frequencies I scan, and have about 30-40 frequencies in those ranges locked out. Where in the arc500pro...
  4. Z

    Talkgroups in Carter County, Tn

    Hello. I am a newbie up front. I have just purchased a Radio Shack Pro-197 and I love it. I have ARC500 PRO software and a premium membership to Radioreference. I have most of my county freqs working but I am having trouble with the Talkgroups as shown in Radioreference. There are three...