1. kf6olc

    What are the main ARES/RACES nets for Los Angeles County?

    I'm programming my Kenwood Th-D72 radio for travel to Los Angeles. What are the main ARES/RACES nets for Los Angeles County? Thanks,KF6OLC
  2. S

    ARES generator operation

    I want to sign up for ARES. One box on the form asks if my station can operate without commercial power. I have a generator so I can. However one neighbor freaks out if I use it at any time including power outage. I have local LE on my side, and HOA board says they will not get involved...
  3. D

    What's up with ARES Calgary?

    Hola, I see that there is a new group in Calgary called Calgary Regional ARES and I've heard that there is an older group also called ARES Calgary but they're no longer going or something? What happened to all the gear and equipment - where is it and who has it now, etc, just the back story...
  4. S

    Brazoria County Texas

    We are Brazoria County ARES. Our web site is Brazoria County ARES® Our two main repeaters are 147.180 near Angleton and 145.110 in Alvin Texas. We do EmComms for the county, major cities and towns in the county, homeland preparedness and the hospitals. We have over 50 members who are all...
  5. millrad

    ARES active in Region 2

    Shoreline ham operators learn about emergency communications - Hartford Hobby Radio |
  6. bReed11091

    Michigan Skywarn Repeater Information

    I've looked for callsigns for these repeaters in several different places, but I cannot seem to find it. I'm using a 2006-2007 repeater book, and I know at least a few of these would be in a newer one. If anybody can give me the callsign and any other information regarding their ARES, RACES...
  7. bReed11091

    Michigan ARES/RACES/SKYWARN Frequency Information

    I'm working on a project to gather ARES/RACES/SKYWARN information for the State of Michigan and plot it on a map for easy location reference. The map will be modeled after this one at The point of this project is to provide emergency coordinators and...