1. andy51edge

    Operators Switch to HF as Inmarsat Confirms I-4 F1 Satellite Outage

    Looks like the HF San Francisco Radio freqs will be very busy for the time being.
  2. ai8o

    126.025 Manteo

    Often times while listening to The CAR-A and CAR-B HF frequencies, I hear NY ARINC Center telling aircraft "upon reaching ONGOT, contact New York Center on 126.025". Usually these aircraft are using the track LAMER-BOREX-ONGOT. I looked at the FAA WATRS map, and saw that the next NB mandatory...
  3. K

    Why do ICAO MWARA and ARINC LDOCF operators say "err"

    I was listening to MWARA frequencies on CAR-B 6586 kHz and I could hear the New York station and the aircraft. After most transmissions, the person at New York said "err" or "air" or something that sounded like that. I was reading the ARINC operating procedures handbook (yes ARINC is different...
  4. N

    6577: CAR aero very busy

    6577 seems to be really busy in the last hour (2147Z). I have gotten 11 distinct selcals in 30 minutes from my eastern MA QTH.
  5. Robbyboy

    New Onslow LTR

    Hello Again - Just to give everyone a heads up, I identified a new LTR system in Onslow County for ARINC. Assumed usage is for Ellis Airport but if anyone has any insight to this, please submit it in the database. I am working on getting the Channel Assignments so any help would be...