1. A

    Biltmore Estate new freqencies?

    Hello all, I recently discovered that the Biltmore freqencies for house security and company police listed in the RR database are from what I can tell incorrect. I have confirmed this as I have seen security personnel talking on radios while my scanner is tuned to the correct frequency listed...
  2. G

    Asheville U.S. Cellular Center

    I'll be attending the NCSHRM conference at the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville this week. I've looked on RR and the Internet and cannot find any freqs for this venue. Does anyone have any freqs/systems to share? Thanks, Gregg, N2UUP
  3. nated1992

    Buncombe Co. 700Mhz and Pro 652

    Have a pro 652 and have put the information in for the buncombe county 700 MHZ with a antenna which is 25-1300mhz " so the packaging says " around 19Ft up with around a 45 to 65 run of Commercial grade coax "Stuff the Cable company uses for house drops ". i have been playing with it for about a...
  4. BCasto

    Asheville Green Peace Protest

    Wake County viper monitors can hear the NCHP helicopter today covering the protest at the power plant in Asheville. TG 28816
  5. nate1992

    Asheville, Buncombe Co. area feeds

    Hi I in the past hosted the feeds for Buncombe Co. & Asheville, i am considering putting them back up on RR but i would like to know what the interest in them on RR is first So please give me your thoughts!!