astro 25

  1. A

    Flashcodes, what do they mean, and do I need a different one?

    Hi, I'm very new to programming motorolas. I've programmed Baofengs and Ailunce HD1s before, which I've been able to figure out. But I'm having trouble with this new Motorola XTS 5000R I bought. I'm trying to program a frequency in it in the UHF band (453.x), but it says its invalid on Astro...
  2. hsmcco

    Astro 25 Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol

    I've been trying to find the post on batlabs for the breakdown of what each flashcode option does but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know what the Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol does? Is this for trunked systems?
  3. N

    Radio failed to acknowledge

    Hi, ive just gotten my hands on another xts5k uhfr1 and cps wont read it. i've read my other xts5k and it works fine but the new one just wont read, please help. radio is a model 2 uhfr1
  4. E

    XTS5000 display buttons missing

    Hi guys, I noticed today that some of the options in my codeplug that I put in the display selected items are actually missing from my radio. Some examples are the nuisance delete and mute buttons. The radio is using conventional profiles, not trunked, and as such I have the conventional section...
  5. C

    P25 Conventional 2-tone.

    Hello, I am looking for assistance on programming a Unication G5 UHF-7/800mhz. Before anyone slams me, I had bought this off eBay from a unication dealer and they will not provide programming assistance, since they are not from the area. I have had this receiver/pager for about two weeks. I...
  6. JimD56

    Astro 25 Portable CPS Question

    I have Astro Portable 25 CPS but "I Heard" it will not write to the radio XTS3000 or 5000 using Windows 10. Will Windows 7 work? Is this true? Can a Motorola tech expert please confirm, before I purchase the OEM programming cable. Thanks Jim KO9JAD
  7. S

    ASTRO 25 Portable CPS RX freq invalid

    Hi all, I'm having issues trying to program a certain freq into my XTS5000 (800MHz P25 equip) When I insert 806.0125 into the RX freq it pops up as invalid, any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks
  8. E

    Motorola XTL5000 Mic Keyup Tone

    Hey all, Was wondering does anyone know how to activate the Long Beep PTT Mic Keyup Tone for a Motorola XTL5000? Software I'm using is Astro25 Mobile R20.01.00 CPS Programming Software. Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. beaker7

    Rx TMS and Pages while on scan.

    Hello all, I am looking to set up my XTS5000 VHF to be able to receive text messages (TMS) and pages (in ASTRO25) while on scan mode. Is this possible? I have played with just about all the settings but cant seem to make it happen. Thanks in advance!
  10. 1

    XTS5000 Model 3 Zone Channel Assignment Personality Type Conv ONLY

    For some reason I get the eye glasses when I try and change the Personality Type to Trk. I have an Astro25 system key and have added a trunking personality with 17 Astro 25 talk groups to the codeplug. Anyone know what function will remove the eye glasses and allow the change from Conv to...
  11. Danny37

    Proud Owner of a Motorola XTS5000

    I recently picked up a XTS5000 Model 3 UHF Split 450-512 Radio on eBay in a bidding war. The lister who listed it didn't tag the sale as most people would with the model number and split, he just put xts5000 in the listing. To my advantage there was only 2 biders including myself, I won the bid...
  12. T

    Motorola XTS3000 CPS

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but I haven't had any luck finding an answer. Does anybody know where one would find the XTS3000 Astro 25 CPS? I've found an older version but when I try to "Read Device" from within the software I get a "Failed to Read Device" error. I researched that and...
  13. O

    Astro25 CPS Portable R20 Windows 8 Problem

    I installed Astro 25 Portable CPS R20.01 on Windows 8.1 and and discovered that lists appear incomplete. I attached an image of my problem. If anyone knows something about please help. I'm working on a Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB and I've installed the software on diferent PC's with windows 8...
  14. KK4LQX

    ASTRO 25 CPS Tools

    I was browsing through the CPS directory for the ASTRO 25 CPS and saw that there was a folder named "PocketPCApplication" and "PocketPCApplication_2ndEd". After reading the README file I learned that this is an application for a PocketPC to program XTL-5000s and XTS-5000s (and I'm sure others)...
  15. H

    CPS- Changing channel list in multiple XTL 2500 Mobile Radios

    I've been tasked with making a small change to the numbering of channels, and some PL tones in our 15 VHF Vehicle Mounted Radios. System is conventional. I have successfully read, edited and sent the edited codeplug to one of the radios. I desire the same same channel list to be in each...
  16. D

    Call Alert Signaling on P-25

    I am currently programming our 2500 portable with full keypad to alert other radios via a trunked channel. I am able to accomplish this via the "page" feature, however, I am only able to page one radio at a time. I am wanting to be able to page a group of radios at once. for example: page an...
  17. P

    Signaling: Group Call Setup Query

    Am trying to figure out how to setup Group Calling within the RSS for MDC, Astro and Astro 25 (P25). The Help screens aren't helpful and Google has had no luck, either. Am just trying to learn how to do it. I was doing that many years ago with 2 Tone sequential no prob but, MDC and Astro has me...
  18. jdmwph5

    XTS 2500 codeplug error

    I just bought an XTS 2500 Model III (UHF) Model H46SDH9PW7AN. This radio has the Q52/Q53 Front Panel Programming enhancement. Firmware = R09.00.03 After reading the codeplug in CPS R.16.00.00 it loads with 240 Conventional Personalities, none of which can be deleted (option grayed out). I'm...
  19. F

    Astro 25 and Windows 7

    I was issued a new computer with Windows7 -64bit. I have XTL 2500's and XTS 2500's, The CPS software installs however the device will not load drivers. .... is it possible, has anyone found a 'way' for the device to load.?