astro saber 3

  1. T

    Motorola Astro Saber VHF Test Freq

    Does anyone know the test freq for CSQ1 on the Saber for VHF. I want to test the mic i have to receive on my scanner.
  2. T

    Astro Saber Front Panel Programable?

    Hello, I have just bought a VHF Astro Saber Model 3. Is it capable of being Front Panel Programable like on an XTS?
  3. D

    Programming Help (Motorola)

    *** FYI I AM NOT LOOKING FOR FREE OR ILLEGITIMATE SOFTWARE *** Hi guys! I have a quick ? I have a Motorola ASTRO SABER III UHF 450-512MHz (specs below i get from service mode) R07.71.06 DSPN08.03.05 H04SDH9PW7AN 1 MEG FLASHCODE 599008-0C1E00-3 My question is, what do I need to program...
  4. robo614

    Astro Saber Question - Yes I am sure beat to death

    I am sure this is the 3 thousandth time this question has been asked, but here I go anyway. I did search the forum to find my answer and did not readily see it. I have the following radio: Model #H04KDH9PW7AN SR#465AVU1948 CodePlug: 000C FirmWare: DSP Software: 105.01.06...