astro saber

  1. RadioCheckk

    Motorola Astro Saber Programming Cable

    Hey team, Looking for someone to point me in the right direction to buy a Motorola Astro Saber programming cable. I checked online and found several websites selling it but sold out. I am not in the market to make my own because I'd rather program the radio and use then make a cable (I know it...
  2. GraniteScanner

    Seeking Saber Programming Cable

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a programming cable for a Motorola M2 Saber (Model H04RDF9PW7AN) this is the one with 6 blue buttons on the front. I have a RIB unit and the proper CPS but lack the correct cable. I have purchased this cable off ebay but I heard it was the incorrect one for this...
  3. K

    Astro Saber Battery 32 hour charge?

    Just picked up an OEM battery (NTN4595D) and on the back of the battery there's a label saying that the battery needs to be charged for 32 hours before initial use. That seems a bit excessive for a NiCad, but why is it? Is there any benefit to charging it for that amount of time? I was under the...
  4. T

    CPS Launch App Error

    Hey team, I have installed the CPS on my system and I am getting this error. It says the system cannot find the file specified. What should I do?
  5. T

    Motorola Astro Saber VHF Test Freq

    Does anyone know the test freq for CSQ1 on the Saber for VHF. I want to test the mic i have to receive on my scanner.
  6. T

    VHF Motorola Astro Saber Shoulder Mic

    Hey everyone, I am looking to get a Shoulder Mic for a VHF Astro Saber. I have heard the Public Safety Mic is not recommended on a VHF unit. Why is this? Also, should I buy a "OEM" model or do the third parties work just as well.
  7. T

    Astro Saber Front Panel Programable?

    Hello, I have just bought a VHF Astro Saber Model 3. Is it capable of being Front Panel Programable like on an XTS?
  8. N

    Saber / Astro-Saber

    Anyone able to help me program my Astro-Saber for listening only in the Southern California Area .. ? Also have a Motorola Saber II, which I know at this point only can be program with DOS on a old computer, if anyone can help me out and a reasonable deal, please let me know, Have 2 sabers...
  9. WQAJ741

    ASTRO trunking

    I have an astro saber that has conventional channels, and the company I am starting work for said I could use my own radio. The issue is that they are UHF I heard Astro can do that, but can I have a zone where it is trunked and everything else is still conventional or is it one or...
  10. E

    Naughty "Radio-As-A-Scanner?"

    Hey guys, I've seen a few posts wagging a finger at theoretically programming trunking radios to use as a "scanner only" with p25 systems. Forgive my ignorance, but how does Uniden do it? Is it because there aren't any "I/O" freqs, just banks of freqs, and you risk keying-up in their net? MY...
  11. robo614

    Astro Saber Question - Yes I am sure beat to death

    I am sure this is the 3 thousandth time this question has been asked, but here I go anyway. I did search the forum to find my answer and did not readily see it. I have the following radio: Model #H04KDH9PW7AN SR#465AVU1948 CodePlug: 000C FirmWare: DSP Software: 105.01.06...
  12. asd6845

    Need info about Antenna

    After much searching, I could not find anything about this. So here goes the question. What is the gain of the wideband VHF (136-173Mhz) dipole portable antenna vs. the standard heliflex antenna you would normally see on a Motorola radio. I only ask because I came across one for sale and it...
  13. J

    ASTRO Saber I, RSS R09.05.00 "Codeplug to new..."

    Hi, I have an ASTRO Saber I Model#: H04RDC9PW5AN. I have ASTRO RSS R09.05.00. When I try to read the radio codeplug I get "Codeplug to new for this application." I beleive I have the latest version RSS so it must have been programmed with CPS. Does anyone know a way around this or have a...
  14. bezking

    Motorola CPS RVN4182V (XTS3000)

    Hi all, Will the CPS RVN4182V for the XTS3000 work with the Astro Saber? A MOL search for Astro Saber CPS returns " CPS R05.01.00 ASTRO SABER XTS3000", part RVN4182U, which has been replaced with V. Thanks!