atlantic city

  1. F

    2023 Atlantic City Airshow Frequencies?

    Does anyone know the Airshow frequencies for tomorrow? Saw a post regarding 2022 but unsure if anything has changed
  2. HavenBTS

    Atlantic City NOAA 162.400

    At midnight my weather radio alarm went off with a 10 day sentry alert. I know that that means that there hasn't been a weather alsert in 10 days. I just realized that this is the second week in a row that this occurred. The first thing I checked was for reception of 162.400. There wasn't. I...
  3. HavenBTS

    NJICS in Atlantic City and Brigantine

    I have never been able to receive a control channel for NJICS neither in Atlantic City or Brigantine. It doesn't matter what scanner I use or what location I am at in both AC and Brigantine. Why is this since according to what I see, there is an Atlantic City site that is part of the Hammonton...
  4. joelincoln

    Atlantic City / County P25 System Database Info

    I'm starting this thread to build-out the info on the Atlantic County P25 Phase II system. Please add whatever info you have that is not already in the database so that we can corroborate each other's findings. This is what I have after a couple of days of searching with my new SDS100...
  5. M

    Live Feed!! Atlantic City Airshow "Thunder Over The Boardwalk"

    I just submitted and got approval for a live feed! Thanks to Gordon for approving this so fast! Atlantic City Airshow "Thunder Over The Boardwalk" Live Scanner Audio Feed I will be adding all of the frequencies into this feed from Thunder over the Boardwalk - The RadioReference Wiki If anyone...