audio balance

  1. F

    OLD SCHOOL: Shoutcast & Winamp

    I have a Shoutcast/WinAmp setup running with Shoutcast 1.9.5 and WinAmp 2.8.1... I am running an echolink server on the same computer but the audio is crossing over between the two. Is there some way to make Echolink on the LEFT channel and the audio stream from my scanner the RIGHT channel? I...
  2. jel250

    Looking for feedback on my feed!

    I've been on here for years but never really been a "Message Board" kinda guy... Yet, here I am, lol. I'm what you would call an audiophile and I'm sure anyone here who shares that trait with me has been on the verge of a mental breakdown many times dealing with scanner broadcasting... I've...
  3. Blind_Shadow

    Anyway to balance the feed transmissions

    Is there any way to balance the scanner input to the feed so when the feed goes through and is sent out, the audio is equally or close to balance from each transmission? ie: dispatchers and cars from same department or same dispatchers for different departments