audio clarity

  1. ks4ec

    Bad transmit audio using 1 Head Dual Deck with 1x NX5700 - NX5800

    My company just purchased a bunch of NX 3000 and NX 5000 radios. These are brand new, with the latest firmware updates. I have a single deck in my office (5800), and a dual deck (5700 - 5800) in my vehicle as well as a portable. These 3 all are all set up for Commercial NXDN, and Ham Analog and...
  2. jel250

    Looking for feedback on my feed!

    I've been on here for years but never really been a "Message Board" kinda guy... Yet, here I am, lol. I'm what you would call an audiophile and I'm sure anyone here who shares that trait with me has been on the verge of a mental breakdown many times dealing with scanner broadcasting... I've...
  3. D

    Improved audio level management

    Like many feed providers, I've struggled with inconsistent audio levels from different agencies. talks about using software to compress and level the audio, but I couldn't find anyone who had...
  4. F

    Tone control for Whistler scanners

    One of the problems that I noticed with scanners is that there is no integrated tone control to contour the audio to the listener's individual hearing or to eliminate hiss (bacon-frying) which is mostly in the high frequency range. Hiss is usually considered due to less than optimum signal but...
  5. stevedluckau

    Motorola XPR 6550 DSP voice quality

    This is from the Motorola IMPRES™ Audio Accessories WHITE PAPER Using the latest in audio processing technology, MOTOTRBO two-way radios contain a digital signal processor (DSP) My Question is does the DSP work the same when in analog mode to enhance audio clarity, and voice quality?