audio feed

  1. K


    I am trying to do a proscan audio feed at a remote site that only has ATT cellular hotspot for a connection As ATT does not allow port forwarding thru the cellular system I was wondering if anyone else has ever ran in to this and found a solution Thanks Dave KD9BVF
  2. jel250

    Looking for feedback on my feed!

    I've been on here for years but never really been a "Message Board" kinda guy... Yet, here I am, lol. I'm what you would call an audiophile and I'm sure anyone here who shares that trait with me has been on the verge of a mental breakdown many times dealing with scanner broadcasting... I've...
  3. K

    Delta County live feed anywhere?

    Can anyone tell me where Delta County, Delta Police, Fire and EMS - Live Audio Feed online can be found, please? Thank you.