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  1. kf6olc

    HP-1: Question: How do I transfer my recored audio files to the HP Sentinel?

    I would like to transfer all my audio recordings from my HP-1 to the HP Sentinel. I thought that when I synced this during my updates that this would do this automatically. It's not doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,KF6OLC
  2. I

    BCD536HP: Audio Recording Problems / Clipping

    Hello All, Having some recording issues with my BCD536HP. I use it to record scanner audio to the SD card for later review. When listening to it live, the audio is fine, but when I go back to the recordings, the first second or two are clipped off of most files. Here are some examples...
  3. M

    PSR 800- No recordings found, yet audio files on card

    Hey there, New user of the PSR800, love the scanner so far- one issue I've had is that when I connect the scanner to my pc to import the audio I've recorded I have had it kick back a message "no recordings found", even though the memory card has hundreds or thousands of .au files in the rec...