audio output

  1. P

    SDR# [Solved] paDeviceUnavailable for some audio outputs, other SDR software OK.

    Hello, I've got an RTL-SDR and I have it working on Window8, Win10, and Ubuntu. On the Win8.1 machine, I can listen to it with HDSDR, SDRConsole, CubicSDR and SDRSharp. However, SDR# cannot output to my "default" audio device (Dell USB Audio); It only plays through the tiny laptop speaker...
  2. O

    BCD536HP: Audio out

    I need to connect my BCD536 audio out to my computer to record using Proscan. But I notice that when I connect to the speaker out or the audio port on the front, that the internal speaker is disabled. Is there any way to get audio out without disabling the internal speaker?
  3. del1964

    GNURadio gqrx no audio out to speakers... help

    Have GNURadio installed...gqrx running on Linux in VMWare....Everything looks great. Monitoring local NOAA weather frequency.....Signal looks great. Waterfall looks great. But I "hear" no audio from my laptop speakers??? Where/What am I doing wrong? Checked squelch and its not that.
  4. M

    Splitting audio from two scanners remote over IP

    Can someone tell me how to split audio from two scanners on the same IP? I have a bcd996t and bcd996xt on my home laptop using ProScan. Both run fine but I can't figure out how to configure it, or get the right hardware to have one scanner audio on the left speaker of the client side pc and...
  5. M

    Remote Speaker indicatior

    I have a mobile/scanner rack with 4 different scanners w/external speakers would like to put a different colored LED in each speaker enclosure to identify the scanner that the audio was comming from. Anybody have a small circuirt design that would do the job? The external speakers at not...
  6. T

    Need More Audio Output from Internal Speaker

    Hi, I have a Radio Shack Pro-34 handheld scanner. I would like to modify it so that the audio output is louder. I did some research and found out that it currently has a .3 watt speaker. So, I found a 1 Watt speaker of similar dimensions at Mouser: AS04508MR-3-R PUI Audio Speakers & Transducers...