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    UBCD396XT squeals, clicks and pops?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the Australian version (with the U in front of its name) Uniden Scanner - UBCD396XT One thing I've noticed in lots of the reviews I've read about the American non-U version (the BCD396XT) is people saying there's a lot of horrible DSP noise noticeable when using...
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    police scanner: Dubbo nsw

    Hi dose anyone know what happened to the dubbo police scanner? It was called Dubbo yankee. I cant find it on any of the mobile app police scanners anymore. Any info would be much appreciated. This scanner is greatly missed :( Thanks in advance.
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    Uniden RH96 Firmware

    Hi, I recently purchased a UBCD396T scanner then later bought (off Ebay) the RH96 remote head for mounting in the car. Both units power up fine but when connected do not talk to each other. I have a good feeling the head unit has the wrong firmware on it. Can anyone direct me as to where and...