1. R

    motorola pm400

    I am looking for some information. I have a PM400 from my local Sheriff's Office that we are going to use in the Airplane so the tactical flight officer (TFO) can communicate with deputies on the ground. I am looking for some options to integrate the hmn3596a output microphone into a...
  2. H

    Cape Cod area Aviation Communications

    Let me start by saying how much I appreciate EVERY volunteer associated with the live feeds. I have listened to Cape Cod area Aviation Communications for many years using 5-0 on my iPhone. When it wouldn't play today I searched all the counties in eastern Massachusetts and don't see the feed...
  3. L

    New Member Aviation Scanner Help

    Hi. I currently use an old Radio Shack Pro 89 scanner to pick up aviation frequincies when ever I'm plane spotting at Los Angeles International. Here's my problem I have a large 40" antenna plugged into it thinking that would improve audio quality and range but for some reason even though I'm...
  4. gonzalu

    BCD996XT ACARS and Discriminator Output

    Hello all, I can't recall if I already posted a question on this or not but I can't find it in "My Threads" so here it goes (possibly again) I want to use the BCD996XT to decode ACARS. While I know the baud rate is usually slow enough for straight sound card via audio out. But I am used to...
  5. K

    MD Aviation Administration - Has there been a change?

    I just got back after a week in California and fired up my HP-1 and there was no signal to be seen or heard with respect to the MAA P25 system. I checked my BCD396XT and same thing. I checked the RRDB and discovered that I was missing two frequencies in the 396XT so I added them. The HP-1 has...
  6. BakeryBoy


    I'm starting to get into listening to aircraft radio. Most airports have frequencies for Approach, Departure, Tower, and Ground. I understand the first two. What is tower and ground for? Should I try to monitor those frequencies if I'm not close to the airport? I live in southeast Alabama, and...
  7. eagleswings01

    Aviation Photographs

    Hi Guys, Is anyone interested in having a single thread where everyone posts their favorite aviation photographs? If so, I'll start us off with aviation's beginning - the Wright Brothers Memorial! Take care, Mike
  8. C

    First Post - Looking for a scanner recommendation

    Hi there, Just new to the forums, but I'm a pretty technical user however I feel out of the loop with current technologies. I currently own a BC92XLT (Nearly Identical to the BC95XLT) and I'd like to get a new scanner that will allow me to hear a few more stations. I'm primarily interested in...
  9. Mojaveflyer

    Navy F-18C Demo Team Freqs

    Has anyone come up with some freqs for the Navy's F-18C West Coast Demo Team this year? They are appearing at an airshow in Broomfield, CO on August 28 & 29... I'm guessing they will have a practice air show on Friday (the 27th afternoon as well) Thanks!
  10. J

    Birmingham Airport

    Does anyone know any unpublished frequencies for the Birmingham airport. I was listening to 123.8 and the controller told an airplane to switch to 126.15 for final approach control. Here is a good link for most of the BHM freqs: Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, KBHM - Airport...