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    SDS100: How to Copy OEM SDS100 SD Card to other SanDisc 32gb SD Cards for multiple spare backups?

    Will appreciate some Three Stooges caveman comprehension level "slowly I turned step by step" instructions or link to YouTube video, if any exist. How do I copy what was on the OEM SDS100 SD Card, that also had some local programming done to it by the seller, > to a new formatted 32gb card I...
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    Emergency power backup

    What are the best solutions for emergency backup power that would keep your computer, radio , and modem up and running when the power goes out ?
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    AOR 8200 pre-loaded channels

    Can someone please help me, I lost all my pre-loaded memory banks and I tried to recover from a backup but my external drive is dead. All my backups are gone. What I need is someones backup of AOR 8200 with pre-loaded memory info. Thank You
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    Battery Backup

    With so many types of batteries on the market now (AGM, LIo, lead acid, etc.) I'm at a loss as to what is best to use as a battery backup for my ham radio transceivers. I want to set up a battery back-up, maybe a small bank of batteries, that will be outdoors with the power lines run through...
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    Battery Power for Emergency Backup - BCD#####

    Any ideas out there on how to create the 13.8v DC, 750ma power required to run a Bearcat scanner during a power outage, without using an automotive or wet cell battery,, preferably using AA, C or D batteries ?