1. rjvalenta

    dipole to get the most bands with tuner

    relatively new to HF, everything i've done so far has been FT8, and i was super proud of the 20m dipole i built... until a branch fell and did epic damage to my house and took out my dipole in the process... my MFJ tuner couldn't get my 20m dipole to work 6m, so my plan once the roof is...
  2. brizzotheizzo

    Dipole feed line length question

    I am building a dipole antenna. I know that the feedline needs to be approximately 1/2 wavelength in length (or factors there of) for best SWR. However, there is one item of confusion. I am making an RF choke by coiling the feedline at the base of the antenna. Do I include the length of coax in...
  3. D

    Grounding a balun longwire antenna

    Hi, Probably 10 years ago, I installed a longwire antenna on my house's detached garage. One end of the longwire is connected to a "magnetic balun" transformer. From there, a coax crosses over the driveway and enters in through the wall of the house. The antenna was grounded with two ground...
  4. 2

    Dipole, Off-Center, Balun, No Balun, 50 or 75 Ohm Coax?

    Just started playing with the home-brew antennas for my scanner family. I have 2 I am using now, plus 4 purchased antennas... I've been reading, and reading, and looking at pictures, studying designs... ... and there's a few things that seem unclear to me: 1) for dipoles, real dipoles...
  5. 5

    Diamond BU-50 short

    hi friends, I've Diamond BU-50 purchased recently, just for curiosity i used continuity checker on two arms of balun, surprisingly light on continuity checker glow, it is normal or is there any problem with my balun ? can someone guide ? 73 503733238
  6. B

    Old TV antenna troubleshooting

    Hi all, I've enjoyed perusing this site, gleaning what info I can understand. I like to think I'm pretty tech savvy, but I clearly don't understand antennas and RF as well as I'd like. I purchased a home, and in the attic I found a TV antenna. It looks to be a pretty normal all-band tv...
  7. S

    Longwire Shortwave Antenna Help

    I am looking for advice on getting the best reception for several different portable shortwave radios like the Grundig G-5 and Sangean ATS-803A. I am putting up a 100 foot 12 gauge insulated wire from a stationary post on the top of my house (25 foot high) out to a tree. I have used cable ties...