base antenna

  1. W

    $100 Base Station Antenna Suggestion

    Hi folks. Pure newbie to this forum, though I got my Advanced Class ham license in 1968, so I've been around the block a few times. :) HOWEVER, I've been out of RF pursuits for a few decades (wasn't room for computers AND radios in my shack) but for Christmas my wife got me one of the new...
  2. U

    SDS200 Antenna Question

    I recently purchased a SDS200 and love it. I've been using it with the extendable antenna that was in the box and it works good. What difference will I see going to a Diamond Super Discone Antenna? I plan on mounting it on a fiberglass pole I have my weather station mounted on the very top...
  3. emtbucky1

    Best Wide-Band Scanner Antenna...the seventeen foot tall X700HNA or D3000N Discone?

    price is no worry, base station, antenna with highest gain for all band scanner? X700HNA Dualband Base/Repeater Antenna ? Or am I just better off with a wideband discone? Like the D3000N?
  4. O

    Base/Mobile Antenna Suggestions

    I am planning on purchasing two of the Kenwood TM-D710G Dual Band transceivers to use in my storm chase vehicle and at my house, and would like to hear any suggestions for base and mobile antennas that can transmit and receive the entire frequency spectrum the radios use. If possible, when you...
  5. O

    Base/Mobile Scanner Antenna Suggestions

    I am planning on purchasing two each of the Uniden BC355 and Uniden BCD536HP scanners to use in my storm chase vehicle and at my house, and would like to hear any suggestions for base and mobile antennas for each of them that can pick up the entire frequency spectrum each scanner can receive. If...
  6. L

    Base scanner antenna setup

    I am looking at upgrading my antenna setup for my base scanner. I monitor the Illinois STARCOM 7/800 system, UHF 450-470, and VHF 140-165. I live about 35 miles north of Peoria, IL , right along the Illinois River. I have one of these --->...
  7. IdleMonitor

    Base antenna change up

    So I'm thinking about changing up my base scanner antenna this spring. I live about 1 street away from a building with a fairly strong pager transmitter (149.770 Mhz I think) on it (I can literally see it from my back door) and I believe it probably does affect a bit of my general listening and...
  8. K

    Base to mobile simplex help

    Im hoping you guys can help a newbie. My main goal is to achieve good simplex comms from my base (home rooftop tripod mount) to and from my truck. On both ends are baofeng uv-6r 5w HTs. At base is 50' rg8x direct from HT to 2m base antenna (firestik) on roof (about 40' high). I'm attempting to...
  9. M

    Trying to get an old cb working, Please Help

    Hello, I recently discovered an old Knight base CB in my attic that my dad and grandfather built from a kit in the 1960's. I wanted to try and get it working, so I plugged it in quickly and it hums when I turn it on. The original antenna is long gone, so I went online looking for a new one. I...