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    Bastrop County HELP !

    Hi, I'm new but I have searched and can't find any previous post which really helps. I have a RS Pro-651 and I am a 911 Dispatcher at Smithville PD. Bastrop operates off of the GATRRS. I live in La Grange and listen to Fayette Co Sheriff freqs and they are totally clear - but FCSO operates on...
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    Bastrop County Question

    I am working on a file for the Austin area. I know that Bastrop County uses the GATRRS system. My question is the talkgroups for Bastrop County on the LCRA 900 MHz system still being used? Thanks Don
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    Need help Lee county texas

    Hi, I am very new to this and need help for lee county We have had many grass fires. And I need to be able to listen To calls. I live 30 mintues from the nearest town My daughter is handicap. I don't want to know Before it is too late I need to know what type of unit to by How to program I...