battery care

  1. pcunite

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT3D/FT5D external power supply while battery connected

    I'm wanting to continuously leave my FT3D radio powered on at my desk for monitoring but also for occasionally transmitting. The manual doesn't make it clear, but is it okay to use the SAD-25 ac adapter (10.5v 1amp) plugged into the DC port for this? I first turn the radio on, then connected...
  2. J

    Mixing NiCd and NiMH batteries in scanner

    Is it OK to mix NiCd and NiMH AA batteries in my scanner? I do not charge them in the scanner I have a battery charge and know you have to charge them separately. I have three NiCd and one NiMH battery and wondered if it would be OK to use them in my scanner together.
  3. P

    BC396XT battery question

    I just got the BC396XT scanner and for the first 20 minutes or so I had installed alkaline batterys in the unit but didn't know about having the charge switch set to the correct setting. I did put the rechargeable batteries in and all seems fine. Does that mistake cause any problems with the...
  4. P

    Tk 2160 Li-Ion Battery Care/Life

    My department just purchased some TK 2160's with the 7.4 VDC, 1950mAh, 14.43Wh batteries. I haven't used these before and am wondering the best way to extend their life? Do battery conditioner units help extend the life of Li-Ion batteries as much as with non-Li-Ions? Does Kenwood make a...