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    BC245XLT: BC245XLT not trunking Bell Fleetnet Zone 2, doesn't seem to be acquiring data frequency.

    Hello all, I am having trouble programming my BC245XLT with my local Bell Fleetnet system (Zone 2.) I have been trying all day once again to program Site 006 Ottawa (CARLSL) into the scanner but to no avail. (The talk group I am trying to get it to recognize is the MOH Ottawa CACC talk group...
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    BC245XLT - Help

    Hi everyone, I purchased a BC245XLT from America on eBay, I am from Australia, because I needed a scanner that does the full 800 band, I have since opened it up, and programmed it, and is blocking out "cellular bad" Now what I want to know is, can I get around this some how, as the system I use...
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    BC245XLT software

    Any software for the good ol BC245XLT and windows 8 all the programs I have tried cant detact my scanner i get the usb pl2303 yellow ! in device manger and have seen windows 8 doesn't support it. So now what
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    I had gotten out of the scanner hobby many years ago, but I still have a Pro-43 and a BC245XLT. My question is can the BC245XLT be programmed for Forsyth County, GA? They went to a trunked system several years ago. Thanks in advance.