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    BC250D question

    Our public safety is moving back to analog, which seems odd to me, but anyway, the fire frequency is 151.1750 and I get nothing a "jake brake" sound whenever someone talks. The jake brake thing is the only comparative sound I can come up with. It's like a "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" type sound...
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    Open Question

    any opinions on purchasing a Uniden BC250D Scanner? will i get digital/trunking and the ability to pick up police freq? still new at this please help!! cheers dl
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    BC250D digital upgrade or new BCD396XT?

    I've recently moved to Gainesville, FL (Alachua County) and to my dismay, learned the public safety system is an APCO 25 system. Since I mostly only monitor local public safety and assuming I can locate one, can I "get away" with just purchasing the BCI25D digital card for my BC250D, or do I...