1. S

    Uniden bc72xlt having trouble with nyc frequencies

    I've had this scanner for a while now without any problems. I reset it today because half my channels were locked out and had to scroll through all of them one by one to get to my desired channel so I reset it to start over. Now every time I try to enter a frequency from nyc out gives me an...
  2. T

    Uniden BC72xlt Scanning College Public Safety

    Hey all, I am looking into getting a scanner for my college police. I am an EMT on campus and want to listen. I was looking at the 'Uniden BC72xlt Scanner' off bearcatwhaerhouse. The frequency is 464.32500. Will this scanner work? Thanks
  3. honda112


    I walked into Radioshack the other day and told the guy i was looking for a scanner to listen to the local fire, ems, police frequencys. I said i was looking at the Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT so i could tune into them. He said that the Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT is not "digital" and cannot get my local...
  4. J

    increase Sensitivity?

    Is there any way to increase the sensitivity of the BC72XLT? thanks
  5. G

    Bearcat BC72XLT or GRE PSR-100

    Hey, I am trying to decide between a PSR-100 or a Bear BC72XLT. I have heard mixed reviews of the BC72XLT. I am starting into and I only need a basic scanner. The local frequencies aren't trunking. There isn't any 700 or 800 mhz frequencies. I am only looking to spend about $150 on one.
  6. C

    Need help with BC72XLT!

    THANK GAWD there is a forum like this out here! I purchased today the Uniden BC72XLT just to try my hand at a little plane-spotting at some of the local airports in San Diego, Calif., USA. What I thought was to be a relaxing afternoon with my first experience in using a scanner - listening to...