1. WA4HHG

    STARS, Freescan and BC996XT

    Am re-programming my BC996XT and am having trouble with VA STARS. The database here on RadioRef lists the system as: Project 25 Phase I However, Freescan (latest version) "wants" to upload the datafile as a Motorola Type II. Which is the "real" format ? Loading it as a Motorola Type II...
  2. M

    MARCS on bc996t vs bc996xt

    I just uploaded identical databases from RR to my bc996 and bc996xt. I am hearing the MARCS frequencies on the XT but not to 996. Am I doing something wrong, or is the 996 not capable of picking up MARCS?
  3. W


    I am looking at replacing an aging PRO-96 scanner and undecided which way to go. Primarily interested in monitoring the Pal 800 and P-25 systems in addition to some l local Motorola and LTR systems. Also some conventional and ham systems. Which would be better to get- the HP- or the 996XT...
  4. M

    Not recieveing new APCO 25 on bcd996t

    A fellow scanner club member programmed new frequency info from his BCD996XT into my BCD996t, But my 996t isn't recieving the new system. the 996T isn't even seeing signal bars on that bank, even though the XT sitting right next to mine is recieveing the new system just fine. The 996T is still...