bcd 396xt

  1. Josh

    BCD396XT programming 700Mhz MPSCS info

    I have a Uniden BCD396XT, I bought it when the radio shack stores were all closing a few years back and I've used it to monitor the MSP on and off. Well, the new Pontiac site is up and running and that one is nearest to me but my radio isn't tracking it properly because I do not have the proper...
  2. T

    BCD396XT: Continually losing RX in 396-series scanners

    My base station installation of Uniden handheld scanners has an ongoing issue and I can't figure it out. Here is the CURRENT situation: I have a Diamond V2000A antenna mounted on a eight-foot mast on the roof a two story office building. The scanner is fed with about 100' of LMR 400...
  3. J

    Programing and setup question

    Hey everyone, I have been a scanner enthusiast for 15 years starting out with a pro-93 and upgrading to a pro-96 and for the last few years been using a bcd-396xt. So I am not exactly new to this, to trunking, or even to ARMER. I haven't really mastered the 396 yet. It's more of a time...
  4. W

    Close Call? For MARCS or MARCSIP

    I have a BCD396xt Scanner and I have the systems working great. I'm trying to figure out the Close Call function. I'd like to monitor for communication on the public service, MARCS, or MARCSIP systems. Can Close Call do trunking systems? Are there resources to help me configure if...
  5. C

    Cape may fire/ems tones...

    Does anyone have Tone Frequencies (A/B) for Cape Cape May City, West Cape May, and Cape May Point? I am trying to setup fire-tone-out on a new scanner (BCD396xt) and would like to get these incorporated. Thanks!
  6. T

    Very Newb Question

    Live in Winnebago County, Illinois. Illinois using the Starcomm 25 system (?) I'm a photographer being asked to respond to fire, and possibly soon, police calls for publicity photos. I have a 20+ year old Bearcat Scanner, gets fire calls now, but poorly. Want better reception, and the ability to...
  7. E

    Newbie question about GRMS and FRS

    I am a first-time scanner owner. I recently purchased a BCD396XT with a Watson SMA-881 Super Gainer. I am using ARC-XT Pro and RR to program and so far everything is going great. I live on the 17th floor in a condo so I am getting pretty good coverage on several local South Florida agencies...
  8. Hondaddy

    ARC-XT to BCD 396XT

    Hi, Just bought all new stuff to follow our community. I have a Radio Reference Premium sub. and my local Public Safety System is downloadable to my ARC-XT PRO software (using USB-1 cable). After downloading my system from RR to the ARC program, I click on Upload to scanner. Seems successful...
  9. R

    bcd396xt removing clip hanger button

    When you unscrew and remove the metal hanger button on the back of the radio a small, black, plastic spacer plate comes off too. Looks like interface was designed as a mount point for interchanging other types of clips or mounting hardware. Does anyone know if there is a flat, blank cover plate...
  10. B

    BCD396XT: Can I download from RadioReference w/ Ubuntu or Linux?

    Is Widows the only way to download/program my Uniden BCD396XT? Will Linux or Ubuntu work? Thanks for any help. Peace!
  11. M

    BCD 396XT APCO 25 FM Broadcast Problem

    Some how I have enabled the FM Broadcast system and it rolls through that constantly so that the other frequencies are rarely heard. How can I turn this off? I have used ProScan to help program it. Please give me specific instructions as I am very new to this and none of this is intuitive for...