bcd 996

  1. T

    BCD 996xt control channel issue

    I am trying to find out how to lock on to a specific control channel .... my scanner will sometime auto lock on to 853.6000 then some time it goes away and shows NFM and I'm unable to hear anything in Prince William County Virginia.. please help so I can hear the channels constant wth no issues...
  2. medic29

    BCD996XT front port...issures...@#$$%%^

    The front port and/or associated connection cables on the 996T and 996XT has to be one of the poorest design ideas I can imagine. The port wouldn't be so bad if the cables which connected into them were at 90 degrees, but to stick out an inch is crazy. The port and cable connector are both so...
  3. touchtoomuch

    BCD996XT Record Out Issue

    I bought a stereo 1/8 3.5mm phone plug and soldered two wires to it, one to the tip and one to either the left or right channel. I don't seem to be getting any audio out of it. I stuck it into the speaker out and was able to hear audio,,, which is wierd since that jack is supposed to be...