1. C

    BCD352P2 - Tone Out question... Analog but not Digital?

    So, I just received and programmed my BCD352P2 scanner using Freescan. I noticed that I am getting tones on the analog signals, but I have not yet heard a tone out for those fire/ems departments that are on the digital channels. Forgive my ignorance, this is my first digital scanner. Do...
  2. rvacs

    Comparing BCD436HP vs. SDS100 vs. BCD325P2 for GPS

    Wanting a solution for the car (limited) space so going with handheld. GPS connecting (Auto Location Based Scanning) - Agency selection (ex: Police / DOT). So this may knock out the BCD352P2. So as I drive through a city want it to auto change to that city and scan say Police without me...