1. 8

    Trunking Control Channels/ BCD396XT

    Noticed in the db configuration that I imported and uploaded to my scanner, that for a re-banded Motorola system (Motorola Type II SmartZone-Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface), that all frequencies associated with this system were listed including control channels). But the selection in...
  2. B

    Create Favorite TG List on BCD396xt

    Hello to all. I recently purchased the 396xt and am loving it. For my local public safety trunking system here in Salt Lake City, I have programmed the county Fire/EMS and the local city PD's into their own quick groups. There are times however that I would like to have both an EMS response...
  3. tmclain55

    Question on Programming BCD396XT

    As a new owner of the BCD396XT after using many other Uniden scanners, I am embarresed that whenever I upload anything from RadioReference using FreeScan, the new uploads are successful, but when hitting Scan the unit goes through the new uploads OK, however, then scans through ALL of the 26...
  4. MarMatthias

    Offutt AFB

    Hi, I'm very close to Offut AFB and keyed in the trunking info from this page: Offutt Air Force Base (Project 25) Trunking System, Bellevue, Nebraska - Scanner Frequencies All I'm receiving in silence with my BCD396XT switching back and forth between LNK and DAT. I have noticed that when I...