bcd396t programming

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    BCD396T: L/O & 6 button not working. FIRMWARE UPDATE

    Hello, I am trying to update my scanner, I have everything plugged in and I start the application. I get to the screen where it says "1. connect the scanner to pc. remove nbatteries. 2. insert ac adapter plug while holding L/O and 6 keys. The scanner display remains blank and backlight turns...
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    BCD396T firmwear

    Anyone in the Loudoun area able and willing to do a firmwear update for me? I work at the Cornwall ED you can reach me at ertech@me.com
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    Need Help programming BCD396t

    I bought a BCD396t online. I cant seem to figure out how the heck to program this . if there is anyone out there who could give me step by step help that would be great. i live in white co.