bcd396xt programing

  1. andrewyb

    Setting up Louisville Fire Tone-Out

    I own a Uniden BCD396XT and I've been using it for a few years now. I'm trying to setup the Fire Tone-Out feature that monitors up to 10 different channels for paging tones (two-tone sequential, single tone, and group tone). I'm already able to monitor the two fire dispatch channels, 209 -...
  2. W

    Franklin County / Columbus Configuration

    What is the recommended Site / Group / Option configuration for Freescan to monitor in Franklin County. I have a BCD396XT Scanner. I'm interested in CPD, FSO, Car to Car, and the personal Radios. For Trunking Sites there's: Bixby Columbus City Columbus MARCS Darby Discovery Franklin...
  3. W

    BCD396XT: Power went out during Firmware update!

    Power went out during firmware update on BCD396XT and now the scanner will not turn on. Tried holding down the buttons when powering on and it did not do anything. Please help. Thanks
  4. Z

    BCD396XT programing

    I got this scanner all messed up and none of my old police channels are working. How can I download a new program with new channels in it? Is there some where I can go to have it done? I had it done when a got it at Jerrys cb but I think they closed down. Help Thank you