1. R

    New radio scanner

    Hi guys am in the city of London and am thinking of buying a new radio scanner. I used to have Icom R7000 radio scanner which the person i send it to repair messed it up and broke it. Now i have the AOR3000 A Plus and the 780HLT trunk tracker radio. Can anyone suggest any radio to buy ? is it...
  2. touchtoomuch

    BCD996XT Record Out Issue

    I bought a stereo 1/8 3.5mm phone plug and soldered two wires to it, one to the tip and one to either the left or right channel. I don't seem to be getting any audio out of it. I stuck it into the speaker out and was able to hear audio,,, which is wierd since that jack is supposed to be...
  3. krokus

    MPSCS base scanners

    The FD I work for is going to be going over to MPSCS shortly, along with the rest of the county. I have approached our chief about purchasing a base scanner for each of our stations, so we can monitor more than the duty radios are going to be programmed for. (We don't need or want to monitor...