1. For Sale - Uniden BCT15

    For Sale - Uniden BCT15

    I have for sale a Uniden BCT15 scanner, power supply, and antenna. Cost is $100 including shipping, payment to be paid via PayPal, local pick up possible. Please reach out if you have any questions.
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    BCT15: BCT15 Simulcast Issue

    Good morning all i have a issue with my BCT15, Simulcast Issue - I have programmed all the channels how i wanted them but when I go View my "Trunked Channels" They show Up as Simulcast , very odd Because I want to View the Specific Channels, Also, I noticed that one that was imported Is only...
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    denver public safety and BCT-15

    I did a search for denver public safety and seen the results choose denver public safety trunking. I was looking at all the info at the top. Question is will the BCT-15 or pro-164 be able to recieve these trunking systems, except the user groups with the D. I believe the D stands for digital...