bearcat iii

  1. HWG

    Bearcat III - Missing Antenna

    Trying to revive an Electra Bearcat III scanner (pretty neat old scanner) but the antenna that screws in down through the top has went missing. Trying to locate one to keep this little project going.
  2. R

    bearcat B8 scanner problem HELP

    New here How do i program my scanner for a mall in riverside, valifornia ? Its GALLERIA AT TYLER MALL LISTED IN HERE search under 241.8 PL i dont know what that number even means Thanks Ray
  3. jdeverett

    Bearcat III Electra Scanner with hum

    Hi all, I just obtained a Bearcat III electra crystal scanner and it has a humming noise from the speaker. I am looking for some ideas on what this could possibly be. I was thinking a tired cap... We still have a lot of old solid analog systems here on the North East Coast. Nothing beats the old...